Work and Learning under supervision

The Happy Flower Foundation offers learning and work places for people with a distance to the labor market, as well as daytime activities for people with a mental or physical disability.

Happy Flower strives to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people in society.

Are you looking for a daytime activity, work or learning place for yourself or for someone else?

Daytime activities

Happy Flower offers a safe and stimulating environment where everyone can develop at their own level and take steps in learning and developing skills. We believe it is important to retain skills. We are happy to support you with this!


People with an occupational disability are not limited in work ethic and enthusiasm, on the contrary. They want to make themselves useful just like everyone else and we are happy to support you in this. At Happy Flower, a workplace does not only look like work, it is also real work.

Learning Place

Happy Flower not only wants experience to be gained, but also that learning goals are achieved.
Opening hours
  • Monday from 13:00 uur til 18:00
    Tu t/m Fr from 9:00 til 18:00
    Saturday from 10:00 til 17:00
    Sunday Closed.
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Haarlemmerstraat 247
2312 DS Leiden

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