Hi, my name is Jane.
I put my inspiration in my flowers and my employees.

At Happy Flower we don't just sell flowers, we also sell attention. We pay attention to our customers and we give our employees space to show who they are in their full glory.

We do that with flowers. Good quality happy flowers in stylish combinations. We keep the price low because we want to keep our attention affordable for everyone.

Jane Peerdeman is our engine and Mother Superior. She runs Happy Flower from a passion that touches you directly. She cares about the special people who, despite being different from what the society calls normal, can still get to work. Jane offers a safe environment, precisely tailored to the person. Within that environment, our Happy Flower Specials blossom as the most beautiful flower that can be found in our store. And so, for example, an employee with autism who is at a distance from the labor market becomes the best flower arranger we could wish for.

At Happy Flower we are proud of our people, and grateful that we may work with them in our Foundation.

Opening hours
  • Monday from 13:00 uur til 18:00
    Tu t/m Fr from 9:00 til 18:00
    Saturday from 10:00 til 17:00
    Sunday Closed.
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Haarlemmerstraat 247
2312 DS Leiden

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